Where has the time gone? I guess I forgot, the transient lifestyle doesn’t exactly lend itself to much regularity. Things have been strange this week, a lot of drama with friends, some personal emotional upheavals. Lover and I have been talking about how our life might be different, and I know I’ve started thinking about ways to make things better.

I’ve still been cranking out mitered squares. I haven’t gotten bored with them, and I’ve been using up my less-than-loved acrylic stash. I’ve worked through odd balls of grey, brown, blue, purple, and yellow, and I think I have more blue buried in my stash bag. I don’t even know how many squares I have at this point, but I’ve decided to make a patchwork bag out of them, double layer for strength if I make enough.


I also finished knitting a little pouch that I found in the car as a UFO. It’s based off of Simply Notable’s tea tote, modified to be larger. I still have to weave in ends, stitch it up, and find a button, but the main knitting is done. Awesome stuff, because I hate having UFO just sitting around holding my needles hostage.


I’ll leave you with a picture of a surprise guest we had the other morning:


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